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Planning for a Morocco Tour Package from Canada?

Tours to Morocco from Canada

Morocco Trip Packages from Toronto - Travel from Canada to Morocco 2023/24/25

Look no further if you’re seeking a remarkable Private Morocco Tour from Canada.

We take immense pleasure in crafting your journey to perfection, tailored precisely to your preferences and budget, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience.

Our Tour Agency is owned and managed by a Local Moroccan, is staffed with an exceptional team of travel specialists fluent in various languages, including French, English, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, and more.

So, we are uniquely equipped to handle both your communication needs, and to be an on-ground, trusted expert in the creation and fulfillment of your holiday.


How to get to Morocco from Canada?

Tours to Morocco from Canada

Direct flights from Montréal and Toronto connect you to Casablanca in Morocco. Additionally, major cities in Europe offer daily flights to Marrakech and Fes, making it convenient for Canadians to explore both Europe and North Africa.

Why Morocco is the best country to visit in North Africa?

Morocco Private Tours from Canada

Morocco is a country of rich landscapes and a colorful mix of Islamic, Arabic and African influences. With a string of imperial cities, orange-hued dunes of the Sahara Desert, famous fortified kasbahs, the green of its large palm groves with the dramatic gorges and oases of the snow-capped High Atlas Mountains, to its labyrinth-like Medinas and bazaars. In addition, Morocco is one of the 3 countries to have coastlines on both the Atlantic Ocean & Mediterranean Sea, along with Spain & France.

♦ Here are The 10 best places to visit in Morocco:

Morocco Tour Packages from Canada

1st ⇒ Rabat: a heady swirl of color, culture, and history also, Rabat is the country’s capital and a popular tourist destination. 

2nd ⇒ Tangier: a fascinating Moroccan city guarding the Strait of Gibraltar, it is the second-largest economic city in Morocco and indeed. 

3rd ⇒ Chefchaouen: one of the top Morocco tourist attractions. And the place that will give so much color to your trip. 

4th ⇒ Fes: home to the oldest and largest Medina in North Africa, one of the four imperial cities of Morocco. 

5th ⇒ Merzouga desert: a unique place with beautiful landscapes that will appeal to lovers of nature and wide-open spaces. It’s absolutely a must-visit when you’re in Morocco. 

6th ⇒ Marrakech: sometimes referred to as the Red City because of its sandstone architecture. It’s the most popular city among the tourists and not in vain. 

7th ⇒ Essaouira: the paradise for kite surfing especially in spring and autumn when the wind power is perfect, it’s also one of the greatest coastal cities in Morocco with an unparalleled charm and splendor. 

8th ⇒ Todra Gorge: it’s a deep ravine carved by the Todra River over millennia, tucked between the High Atlas Mountains. Moreover, it’s also every hiker’s favorite city in Morocco since it provides breathtaking views of the wondrous 985 feet high gorge and surrounding hills.

9th ⇒ Ait Ben Haddou: an 11th century ksar (fortified Berber village) near Ouarzazate city. This is the true Morocco: a village that seems to rise from the sands. Its desert-dusted Kasbahs and maze-like warrens are sure to enthrall you. 

10th ⇒ Ouarzazate: Hollywood of North, famed for being the filming location for many other Hollywood blockbusters and famous TV shows including Lawrence of Arabia, The Mummy and more recently Game of Thrones.

Morocco Holiday Packages from Canada

Embark on an extraordinary adventure with our diverse array of Morocco tours designed exclusively for travelers from Canada. Furthermore, delve into the enchanting landscapes and vibrant culture that await you in every corner of this captivating country. Feel free to explore our selection and reach out to us for further details or to make your reservation, ensuring an unforgettable journey awaits you.

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