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Marrakech to Merzouga Desert Tours

Morocco tours reviews
  • Group Adventure of a Lifetime!
    Written by Carol from California, United States in January, 2024

    Our journey from Marrakech to the Merzouga desert was nothing short of spectacular! As a group of friends, we were mesmerized by the diverse landscapes of the Atlas Mountains, picturesque valleys, and breathtaking gorges. The well-organized itinerary allowed us to fully immerse ourselves in the rich culture and hospitality of Morocco. The highlight, undoubtedly, was the magical night in the Merzouga desert under a blanket of stars. Five days of pure bliss – an experience we’ll cherish forever!

  • Best tour of Morocco: Rich History, Culture & Warm Hospitality
    Written by Roman from Winnipeg Canada in January, 2024

    Morocco Tabiarte Tours tailored every detail of our trip—from hotels and transportation to excursions—to meet our specific needs. They created a custom itinerary that enabled us to visit the sites and activities most important to us. Throughout the planning process and during our travels, they frequently communicated ideas and tips via email, text, and phone calls.

    The thoughtfully chosen hotels in prime locations amazed us with their outstanding service. Drivers and guides were professional and knowledgeable. The carefully planned excursions brought us to the most remarkable destinations. By handling all transportation and logistics, this Moroccan tour company allowed us to fully relax and enjoy our vacation. We highly recommend their services for crafting the perfect, customized trip.

  • Romantic Escape through Morocco's Wonders
    Written by Luiso from Toronto, Canada in December, 2023

    Embarking on this journey as a couple was a dream come true. The romance of the Atlas Mountains and the enchanting beauty of the valleys provided the perfect backdrop for our adventure. The personalized attention to detail by our guides made the experience truly special. From the intimate camel trek to the captivating sunset in the desert, every moment was filled with magic. An exceptional five-day escape that deepened our connection against the backdrop of Morocco’s natural wonders.

  • Group Bonding in the Heart of Morocco
    Written by Cindy from Berlin, Germany in October, 2023

    Travelling in a group made our Morocco tour an unforgettable bonding experience. The diverse landscapes we encountered, from the majestic Atlas Mountains to the awe-inspiring gorges, created the perfect setting for shared adventures. The guides were not only knowledgeable but also incredibly accommodating, ensuring everyone felt included and engaged. Whether exploring the valleys or marveling at the vast desert, every day brought new wonders. Five days of group camaraderie, laughter, and exploration – an absolute 5-star experience!

  • Friends' Getaway Filled with Thrills
    Written by Carlos from Barcelona, Spain in October, 2023

    Our journey from Marrakech to Merzouga was the ultimate friends’ getaway! From the adrenaline-pumping drives through the Atlas Mountains to the awe-inspiring vistas of the gorges, the adventure never ceased. The well-balanced itinerary allowed us to indulge in local cuisine, share stories around the campfire, and create memories that will last a lifetime. A five-day escapade that perfectly blended excitement, natural beauty, and the joy of friendship – we couldn’t have asked for more!

  • Student Adventure Extraordinaire
    Written by Alexandro from Lisbon, Portugal in September, 2023

    As students on a budget, this Morocco desert tour exceeded all expectations! The well-planned itinerary by Morocco Tabiarte Tours allowed us to explore the wonders of the country without breaking the bank. The breathtaking landscapes, especially the Atlas Mountains and valleys, provided a stunning backdrop for our adventure. The experience of camping under the stars in the Merzouga desert was a highlight, and the guides made sure we learned about the rich culture and history of Morocco along the way. A five-day journey that not only fit our budget but also left us with unforgettable memories and a deep appreciation for this beautiful country.

Fes to Marrakech Desert Tours

Morocco tours reviews
  • Desert Odyssey: A Group Tour from Fes to Merzouga
    Written by Lara from Warsaw, Poland in January, 2024

    Our journey from Fes to Marrakech through the Merzouga Desert and Atlas Mountains was an unforgettable group experience. The diverse landscapes of gorges and green valleys were breathtaking. The tour was well-organized by Morocco tabiarte tours, and our guide made sure everyone had a great time. From camel rides in the desert to exploring charming berber villages, every moment was filled with excitement. Highly recommended for those seeking a fantastic group adventure!

  • Unforgettable Desert Adventure from Fes
    Written by Noah from Bern, Switzerland in January, 2024

    We provided Morocco Tabiarte Tours (Moha, the local expert) with basic guidelines for our ideal trip to Morocco desert, and they crafted an outstanding itinerary. Our stay progressed seamlessly as we enjoyed diverse daily experiences. Interacting with local families and sharing meals and activities with them was a highlight. The knowledgeable, enthusiastic, punctual guide went above and beyond to ensure an enjoyable trip. Our unforgettable 4 days in the Sahara desert flew by. We will gladly use Morcco Tabiarte Tours again and especially commend our fantastic driver/guide Ibrahim for making our trip so memorable.

  • Romantic Sahara Escape: A Couple's Journey from Fes to Marrakech
    Written by Rafael, from Rome, Italy in December, 2023

    A romantic escape from Fes to Marrakech surpassed all our expectations. The tour was perfectly tailored for couples, offering intimate moments in the mesmerizing Merzouga Desert and the picturesque Atlas Mountains. Sunset camel rides and stargazing in the desert created memories we’ll cherish forever. The accommodations were cozy, and the overall ambiance was simply enchanting. An ideal choice for couples looking for a unique and romantic journey.

  • Desert Expedition: Group Exploration from Fes to Merzouga
    Written by Akemi from Tokyo, Japan in November, 2023

    Travelling with a group of friends on this Morocco tour was an absolute blast! The adventure through the Sahara Desert, high Atlas Mountains, and Todra gorge brought us closer together. Our guide was not only knowledgeable, but also added a touch of humor to the trip. The variety of activities, from exploring ancient kasbahs to experiencing the thrill of the desert, made it an epic journey for our group. Five stars all the way!

  • Sands and Smiles: Friends' Road Trip from Fes to Marrakech
    Written by Adrian from Madrid, Spain in October, 2023

    Our excursion from Fes to Marrakech with friends was an incredible experience. The landscapes, from the Merzouga Desert to the Atlas Mountains, were awe-inspiring. The tour offered a perfect balance of adventure and relaxation. We enjoyed exploring canyons, riding camels, and indulging in local cuisine. The memories we created together will be cherished, and we highly recommend this tour for friends seeking a mix of fun and exploration.

  • Student Caravan: Journey from Fes to Merzouga
    Written by Sara from Paris, France in October, 2023

    As students, we embarked on a thrilling journey from Fes to Marrakech, and it exceeded all expectations. The tour was not only affordable but also packed with exciting activities. From traversing the Merzouga Desert on camelback to hiking in the high atlas Mountains, every day brought a new adventure. The diverse landscapes provided ample opportunities for stunning photos and cultural immersion. This trip is a must for students looking to make the most of their break with an affordable and unforgettable adventure.

Casablanca Private Tours

Morocco tours reviews
  • Spectacular Group Adventure Unveiled
    Written by Alara, from Ankara, Tureky in December, 2023

    My friends and I embarked on an unforgettable adventure through Morocco, and it was nothing short of spectacular. MTT company’s attention to detail, seamless logistics, and diverse activities catered to the varied interests of our group. From the bustling markets of Fes to the serene coastal towns, each destination offered something for everyone. The local guides were knowledgeable, and the camaraderie among our group was strengthened by shared experiences. We highly recommend Morocco Tabiarte Tours for a fantastic group getaway.

  • Exceptional Moroccan Tour: Amazing Planning & Execution
    Written by Astrid from Stockholm, Sweden in January, 2024

    Our Morocco travel itinerary was marvelous thanks to excellent communication with the tour operator. The trip was perfect in terms of the variety of locations, activities, and hotels. We covered a lot of places by car in just 10 short days, we enjoyed every moment.

    We wish we had more time in the country. Our driver was fantastic – cautious, friendly, and a joy to travel with – we miss him already! Overall, our impression of Morocco’s landscape, culture, and people was wonderful. I highly recommend Morocco Tabiarte Tours if you are looking for the best trip to Morocco.

  • Magical Moroccan Family Expedition
    Written by Matija from Ljubljana, Slovenia in December, 2023

    My Family and I had an incredible time exploring the enchanting landscapes of Morocco with this tour company. The itinerary was family-friendly, offering a perfect blend of cultural experiences and exciting activities for our kids. From camel rides in the Sahara to exploring the vibrant markets of Marrakech, every moment was memorable. The tour guides were patient and knowledgeable, ensuring that both parents and children enjoyed an enriching experience. Highly recommend booking this tour for a perfect family getaway!

  • Enchanting Couples' Retreat in Morocco
    Written by Aina, from Helsinki, Finland in November, 2023

    Morocco proved to be the ideal romantic destination for us, thanks to the impeccable services provided by this tour company. From the moment we stepped into the bustling streets of the Medinas to our tranquil moments in the Atlas Mountains, every detail was carefully curated. The intimate riads, breathtaking sunsets in the desert, and private excursions added a touch of magic to our journey. If you’re looking for a romantic escape, don’t hesitate to book with this company – they exceeded our expectations!

  • Immersive Cultural Odyssey with Friends
    Written by Anastasia from Corfu, Greece in October, 2023

    Exploring Morocco with friends became a cultural immersion journey with this exceptional travel agency. The itinerary struck the perfect balance between historical exploration and authentic local encounters. From sipping mint tea in traditional riads to navigating the narrow alleyways of ancient cities, the experience was both educational and entertaining. The tour guides shared fascinating insights into Moroccan history and culture, making our group adventure truly enriching. Without a doubt, we highly recommend booking with this company for an immersive cultural experience.

  • Dynamic Marvels: Exploring Morocco with Flair
    Written by Grace from Perth, Australia in September, 2023

    We had an amazing time navigating the dynamic landscapes of Morocco with Morocco tabiarte tours. The blend of adventure, relaxation, and cultural exploration was perfectly tailored to suit our varied preferences. From the vast dunes of the Sahara to the bustling squares of Casablanca, every destination left a unique impression. The tour guides managed the logistics seamlessly, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey for our group. If you’re seeking a dynamic group tour that caters to everyone’s interests, we highly recommend choosing this Moroccan tour company.

Tangier Private Tours

Morocco tours reviews
  • Unforgettable Moroccan Escape: The Best Romantic Retreat
    Written by Luisa, from Vienna, Austria in December, 2023

    Embarking on a romantic journey through Morocco with MTT was an absolute dream. From the bustling markets of Tangier, Fes to the serene landscapes of the Atlas Mountains, every moment was a shared adventure. The personalized itinerary and cozy riads created an intimate atmosphere, allowing us to immerse ourselves in the rich culture and history of Morocco. Highly recommend Morocco Tabiarte Tours for couples seeking a perfect blend of romance and exploration.

  • Group Harmony: An Excellent Moroccan Getaway
    Written by Carl from Frankfurt, Germany in December, 2023

    Traveling with a diverse group? Look no further. This local travel agency orchestrated an incredible Moroccan experience that catered to our varied interests. From the vibrant colors of Chefchaouen to the ancient history of Fes, the itinerary was well-balanced. The accommodations were comfortable, and the group activities fostered strong bonds among us. If you’re planning a group getaway, Morocco Tabiarte tours is your go-to. Highly recommended for a harmonious and memorable trip!

  • Family Fun Extravaganza in Morocco
    Written by Lorenzo, from Milan, Italy in October, 2023

    Our family vacation in Morocco was nothing short of magical, thanks to this Morocco tabiarte tours. The well-planned itinerary ensured that there was something for everyone, from the bustling souks for the shoppers to camel rides in the Sahara for the adventure seekers. The family-friendly accommodations and the warmth of the local guides made it an enjoyable experience for all ages. For a stress-free and enjoyable family vacation, we highly recommend booking through this travel agency.

  • Historical and Cultural Wonders for the Discerning Group
    Written by James from Los Angeles, USA in September, 2023

    If you’re a group of history and culture enthusiasts, this tour is tailor-made for you. The depth of historical insights provided by our guides in places like the ancient city of Volubilis and the intricate Medinas of different cities was impressive. The accommodations were strategically located, allowing us to explore on foot easily. This MTT exceeded our expectations, and we can’t recommend them enough for an enriching historical and cultural journey through Morocco.

  • Thrilling Adventures Unleashed: The Best Moroccan Expedition
    Written by Ava from Vancouver, Canada in August, 2023

    Seeking adventure? Look no further. Our group of thrill-seekers had a blast exploring the Atlas Mountains, riding camels in the Sahara, and navigating the narrow streets of the Medinas of Tangier and the blue city. The adrenaline-packed itinerary was flawlessly executed, and the hotels were a perfect blend of comfort and proximity to the action. For an adventure-packed journey with a group, this tour company is unparalleled. Highly recommended for an exhilarating and well-organized adventure in Morocco!

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Family Traveller

My family and I had an unforgettable experience on our Morocco tour with this Local travel agency! The itinerary was perfectly crafted for all ages, and our guide ensured that every member of the family had a great time. From the mesmerizing markets to the Sahara Desert, this tour created lasting memories for our entire family.

23 January 2024


Couple Traveller

Morocco was the perfect destination for our romantic getaway. This Morocco Private Tour company made sure every detail was taken care of, from luxurious hotels to private dinners with stunning views and comfortable transport. The blend of culture and relaxation in places like Marrakech and Chefchaouen made our Morocco trip truly magical.

19 January 2024


Solo Traveller

As a solo traveler, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience in Morocco. Morocco Tabiarte Tours’s well-organized tour allowed me to immerse myself in the local culture while providing a sense of security. The diverse landscapes and welcoming locals made this solo adventure one for the books!

15 January 2024


Group Traveller

My friends and I had an absolute blast exploring Morocco together! This Morocco travel agency seamlessly handled all arrangements, leaving us free to relax and explore incredible sights. From camel rides in the desert to exploring the historic cities, this tour strengthened our friendships and created lifelong memories.

10 January 2024


Group Traveller

Our group of friends embarked on the Morocco tour, and it exceeded all expectations! Morocco Tabiarte Tours‘team curated a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. From the bustling souks to the tranquil coastal towns, each day brought a new and exciting experience. Highly recommend for a friends’ getaway!

7 January 2024
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