Morocco Sahara tour | Difference between 2, 3, 4-day tour

Best Morocco Sahara tour of 2, 3, 4 days, A lot of clients wondering and asking over and over this question about the difference between them, So we got you a clear explanation in order to let you know it, please refer to the figure below.

Introduction of the Desert Itinerary

Best Morocco Sahara tour departs from Marrakech or fez, spend overnight on the half route in the desert (1 night or 2 nights) and end wherever you want Fez or Marrakesh. the total distance from Marrakech back to Marrakech is 1124 kilometers and from Marrakech to Fez is 1033 kilometers.

2 Day desert tour : Spend overnight in the Sahara, however you might not be able to see the sunset, starry sky and sunrise due to 14 hours drive and the weather. 

3 Day desert tour : (depending on the starting point “fez or Marrakech”)The first night will be spent in the dades gorge (half way) and Next night is in the desert, however you might not be able to see the erg chebbi sand dunes till 5 pm. So for a 3-day desert tour, there is only one night in the Sahara for about 14 hours, arranged to stay in a desert camp. If the weather is good, you can see the sunset, starry sky and an amazing sunrise as well.

Disadvantages of the 2 day itinerary

  1. Few stops, less opportunities to take photos, no enough time to enjoy the sunset as the arrival will be late in the evening, can watch starry sky, and sunrise (depending on weather conditions) but departure will be earlier.

Disadvantages of the 3 day itinerary

  1. A round tour of 14 hours, there is only one opportunity to watch the sunset, starry sky, and sunrise. If the weather is cloudy, you will miss it.
  2. There are at least 7 hours of sleep out of 14 hours, 4-5 hours of daylight and the rest of the time is night. As well as short time to take some photos.

Advantages of the 4 day itinerary

  1. The 4-day desert tour allows you to spend a full 24 hours in the desert and have plenty of time to experience the Sahara Desert deeply.
  2. If the weather is cloudy on the first day, then no worries, there’s one more day left to catch up the sunset, starry sky and also sunrise.
  3. The 4-day desert tour has 2 nights in the Sahara desert. We will arrange one night in the desert entrance Camp and next night in a hotel.
  4. Experience the culture and lifestyle of the Berber people in the desert for more than 24 hours and free time to relax and take photos of dunes, Camels, Goats and Foxes as well.

Summer holiday arrangement

Due to the temperature from June to mid-August, about 37-44 degrees C, only 3 days/ 2 nights of desert  tours will be arranged during this period.

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